Building “Estoril 153”

Building Estoril 153

2001 – 2006 | Estoril


“Estoril 153” intends to solve the encounter between two streets predominantly used for commerce, by creating a volume based over Avenida Aida, on which two other housing settle: The Block A with five floors, ensures the continuity of the urban front of Rua Mello e Souza, presenting itself as a box oriented towards the sea, where the balconies and terraces allow endless views over the horizon; the Block B, with three floors, punctuates the pedestrian access to the buildings, orientated East towards the Casino do Estoril gardens, like a large balcony, taking the role of the green lung of the complex.

The green of the vegetation and the blue of the sea in the background were the primary motivation in the position of the two blocs that form the Estoril 153. Block B with its burgundy color pretends to extend the chromatic continuity of the adjoining building to the North, and the greyish tone of the Block A allows a proximity to the color of the sky in foggy days, characteristic of these vacation sites, and is the predominant color of the stone in this area, the “Azulino de Cascais”.

If, on one hand the proximity of the sea is stimulating and enjoyable, secondly, it causes a rapid degradation in the buildings. Thus arises the need to design and opt for a ventilated facade system to avoid this wear and consequently annul the existence of the maximum thermal bridges that lead to a significant increase in energy consumption, coupled with choices of floor coverings, and mechanisms of obscuration.


Date | 2001-2006

Name | Estoril 153

Localization | Estoril

Promoter | Urbecaste

Author | Humberto Conde

Contributers | Paulo Figueiredo, Helena Ramos, Leopoldo Calhau, Filipe Ramalho

Specialties | Oliveira Rodrigues – Remode

Landscaping | Teresa Rego

Lot area | 1.788,00 m²

Construction Area | 5.186,00 m²

Photography | Fernando Guerra (FG+SG)


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