Family House in Cobre

Family House in Cobre

2014 | Cascais


This project intention is the reconstruction of an existing house according to the daily demands of the new owners in order to give them more comfort and functionality, respecting at the same time the base structure of the previous building so that the alignments of the previous location, exterior walls and flooring heights are maintained.

The general programmatic floor distribution is also maintained, only modifying the dimension of each space and the relation between them. They become more functional, comfortable and flexible, towards a better organization of the interior space but also a better connection with the exterior leisure area.

The level -1 is kept as a technical zone. Its main modification relates to the staircase repositioning. On the level 0, the space is reorganized preserving the concentration of all the social areas and reinforcing their physical and visual relation with the surrounding garden, through new porches and big glazed openings.

The level 1 is also reorganized because of the staircase repositioning, but the main spaces are kept – three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The facades are changed in terms of image, openings and materials, adopting a cleaner and more organized system. The openings get slender for a better control of solar exposure, and gain an oblique side panel in wood to extend the view from the inside. The sliding exterior shutters are also in the same material.

In what concerns to the exterior spaces, is proposed a redefinition of the surrounding zones, a modification of the finishing materials and a increasing of the permeable area.


Date | 2014

Name | Family House in Cobre

Localization | Cascais

Author | Humberto Conde

Contributors | Sara Carnide

Lot area | 350,00 m2

Construction Area | 225,45 m2

Model 3D | Bruno Ferreira


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