Humberto Conde, Architect, was born in 1968 in Lisbon. Graduated in Architecture by Lusíada University in Lisbon in 1993, between 1989 and 1993 in the academic period, collaborates with several offices such as Oficina de Arquitectura with Architect Delfim Canas, Arqui3 with Architects Pedro Frasco and Luís Torres, Atelier da Cidade with Architect Mota Carvalho, and José Tomás . In 1993 begins self employed activity.

In 1998 he founds “HRA – Lisboa, Humberto Conde Realizações de Arquitectura, Sociedade Unipessoal, Lda”, developing projects of various kinds, the most important being: Housing, Retail, Services and Hotel Unit with 200 rooms in Campo Pequeno, Lisboa; Housing and Services “Estoril 153”; Housing “Terraços de Cascais”; Urban planning and Housing Project “Quinta Vale Verde” in Bicesse, Cascais; Student Residence for the Polytechnic Institute of Santarém;

Headquarters of Rehabilitation Society in Lisbon “Sociedade de Reabilitação Urbana da Lisboa Ocidental; Housing, Retail and Services “Amadora XXI”; Swimming Pools and Rooms Activities Centre “Carcavelos XXI “.

Some of these works are published in various magazines and websites, national and international, with some projects having received particular exposure in some publications.

In 2006 wins the award for Best Retail Development with the project Housing “Estoril 153”, promoted by the magazine “Revista Imobiliária”.

In 2007 classifies in the 4th place in a Limited Competition for the Elaboration of the Project and Construction of the new Servives Headquarters of City Council of Loures, in partnership with Architect Rolf Reichert.

In 2010 is the third classified in the International Competition for the New Museum of Water in Oeiras – “Museu Água Vida”.

In 2011 is also ranked in 3rd place in the Public Design Competition for the Carnival Arts Centre in Torres Vedras.

In 2013, receives an Honorable Mention at a International level with the Competition “[PACIFIC] Ocean Platform Prison” AC-CA , with the proposal “Outsiders.In”. This competition promoted the debate on the development of spatial and sociological concept of imprisonment, with the particularity of having the premise that the location was in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, 20 to 30 km from an Asian, Australian or American coast. In the same year, wins the 2nd place in the International Competition – Archtriumph – for an Exhibition Pavillion in Venice and also receives an Honorable Mention in the International Competition in Amsterdam LIBO – Living in Borneo – AWR Competitions.

In 2015 is awarded in the second edition of the prize “Second Baku International Architecture Award” with two distinctions; Second Place for “Ocean Prison” – project non realised – and third place with Residential Building “Terraços de Cascais”.


HRA – Lisboa, an Architectural and Urban Planning Office, began its activity in 1998, and is constituted by a multidisciplinary team composed of specialists in different areas prepared for the development of studies and projects in the fields of Urban Planning, Architecture, Interior Architecture and Rehabilitation.

The multiplicity and diversity of projects – housing, retail, services, hotels and restaurants, among others – many of which have been built, certify the versatility of this team, ensuring strict compliance of deadlines and targets with numerous developers with whom we who work.

HRA also benefits from privileged work relationship with some of the most prestigious offices of Engineering of Lisbon, ensuring the best monitoring in order to optimize the overall project.

HRA develop any Architectural project and all necessary complementary specialties – including their coordination with the architecture – for their good development and in the end we make all Energy and Acoustic certifications.

The office experience in projects and international competitions led us to deepen concepts of energy efficiency and apply them in all projects we do.



Victor Hugo Faustino, Arq.2018
Filipa Costa, Arqª.2018
Ricardo Ferreira, Arq.2018
David Quinas, Arq.2018
André Cordeiro, Arq.2018
Diogo Madeira, Arq.2017
Andreia Cabanas, Arqª.2017
Francisco Marques, Arq.2017
Madalena Furtado, Arqª.2017-2018
Zeno Zanderigo, Arq.2016
Maris Kohv, Arqª.2016
Cátia Clérigo, Arqª.2015-2017
Andreia Matos, Arqª.2015-2017
Tiago Franco, Arq.2015
Joanna Lapatta, Arqª.2015
Aleksandra Mikula, Arqª.2015
Filipe Ramalho Arq.2004-2015
Joana Catarré, Arqª.2008-2015
Sara Carnide, Arqª.2013-2015
Mateja Profeta, Arqª.2014
Tatiana Ferreira, Arqª.2014
Sofia Pacheco, Arqª.2012-2013
Joana Simão, Arqª.2012-2013
Joana Alvarez, Arqª.2012-2013
João Almeida, Arq.2012-2013
Matteo, Arq.2012
Johann Foltz, Arq.2011-2012
Paulo Dantas, Arq.2010-2011
Joana Domingos, Arqª.2010-2011
Carlos Vieira, Arq.2007-2008