Branch Deutsche Bank

2000 – 2004 | Cascais

This project was developed in a typical summer house of the 40 /50s, having been modified due to the changes of the programme – residential to service – and the specific requirements of his new function, particularly on lower floor level where the areas are insufficient to allow the minimum functionality and sustainability of the space.

The construction is concentrated in the northeast of the plot which allows the treatment of the previous space as a reception and decompression area, with the creation of car parking spaces of support of the building, and a green hallway that follows the wall of the lot, also reinforcing the location of the main access.

The access to the interior of the building is made through a small lobby that makes the distribution for both floors: assistance to the public on the ground floor, with a meeting room, an office and general executive secretary work space, with the support of sanitary facilities; upstairs areas will be located spaces with more restricted functions, with private offices and also sanitary facilities.


Santo António Pastry / Restaurant

2022 | Lisbon

Office TagEnergy

2022 | Lisbon
Aquitecto Val Hala Cascais

Val Hala Agency Cascais

2019 | Cascais
Escritório Humberto Conde HRA Lisboa

Office HRA Lisboa

2019 | Lisboa
Arquitectos Sesimbra Superfície Comercial

Trade and services

2019 | Sessimbra
Sede Val Hala

Val Hala Real Estate

2018 | Portimão
Projecto de Arquitectura Pastelaria Sto. António | Arquitectura, Arquitecto Lisboa, Projecto arquitectura Lisboa, Arquitecto Lisboa, Arquitecto, Gabinete de Arquitetura Lisboa

Santo Antonio Pastry

2016 | Lisboa
Clínica Corporación Dermoestética

Corporación Dermoestética Clinic

2011 - 2012 | Lisbon
Escritórios P2S

Offices P2S

2007 - 2008 | Lisbon
Sucursal Deutsche Bank

Branch Deutsche Bank

2000 - 2004 | Cascais
Loja e Oficina Negociarte arquitectos

Negociarte Shop and Workshop

2002 - 2003 | Lisbon