Campo Pequeno XXI Hotel

1999 | Lisbon

Following the project for urban development of “Campo Pequeno XXI”, we formalized the proposal for the Plot 3 that will be fully dedicated to a Four Stars Hotel. The height of adjacent buildings allows us to built five levels above the ground (and three underground). In order to secure a minimum level of permeability of the terrain, a continuous band with three meters wide was freed on the Northeast limit of the plot, with landscaping treatment, and is also used to capture natural light to the ground floor and -1 level.

The ground floor and the floor -1 of the Hotel are closely linked, working one as the extension of the other. Upon entering the main Hall, this relation is visible through voids that extend into the conference hall located downstairs. Similarly, another void extends to the upper floors, so it is allowed to have an overview of the whole building. This main Hall, where is located the reception and waiting area, the distribution is made to the key areas that form this equipment: Guests are led by one of three panoramic elevators to their bedrooms; conferees shall move to one of six rooms on the ground floor or through a staircase to the auditorium on floor level -1; whosoever wish so, may relax enjoying the bar and restaurant services, with terrace and independent entrance. Floors 1 to 4 are destined to guest bedrooms, a total of 200. We have 50 rooms per floor, with four technical areas and a maintenance and internal service room for each floor. A central hallway, with natural light in its extremes, makes the distribution to the various compartments. Midway through this, flanked by the void that exists till the ground floor, there is a broader waiting area of support to the vertical accesses. In the southeast extreme of the corridor, a 4th elevator connects the floors of the rooms to the -1 floor level, where the area of the Hotel Spa and Gym are located.


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Campo Pequeno XXI Hotel

1999 | Lisbon