Corporación Dermoestética Clinic

2011 – 2012 | Lisbon

This intervention intended to convert a commercial space to the function of a medical aesthetic clinic, in an area of homogeneous image urban buildings, dedicated to retail and services on the ground floor level, and residential function in the upper floors. The program was distributed over two floors, ground floor 0 and -1 level floor, connected by separated vertical communications for the public and for the staff, as well distinct wings between the area of personnel and the functional spaces of the clinic.

There is a concern of establishing a strong relationship with the exterior, so that the image of the brand is easily recognized, while at the same time is important to achieve a good integration with the building and its surroundings. The intervention in the space aims to pass on an idea of ​​tidiness, confidence and status of the good name that the brand already has. A concept that combines purity, brightness and serenity, that can be recreated in all the clinics of the brand, the existing and the future ones, thus providing a modern and charming image, a space where the glow feeling of comfort and well are present.

For this modern and charming image, of a shinning space where the comfort and well-being are present, the color acts in a very import way, and that explains the choice of the white. All the covering materials as well as the furniture have reflective finishing and continuous white surfaces that assure the sensation of purity, cleanliness and tranquility. The valorization of this modern look is transposed to the human being, and materialized on the treatments in which he will be able to feel good with himself and with the society around.


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Projecto de Arquitectura Pastelaria Sto. António | Arquitectura, Arquitecto Lisboa, Projecto arquitectura Lisboa, Arquitecto Lisboa, Arquitecto, Gabinete de Arquitetura Lisboa

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Clínica Corporación Dermoestética

Corporación Dermoestética Clinic

2011 - 2012 | Lisbon
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