Negociarte Shop and Workshop

2002 – 2003 | Lisbon

The Shop and Workshop Negociarte is a commercial space destined to the Study and trade of pieces of jewelery of Century XX.

Located in the heart of Lisbon – Chiado – This small commercial space is implanted in the last Floor of a Pombalino Building. The Space Design was made taking into account the way the acquisition and subsequent sale of this type of pieces is made.


Santo António Pastry / Restaurant

2022 | Lisbon

Office TagEnergy

2022 | Lisbon
Aquitecto Val Hala Cascais

Val Hala Agency Cascais

2019 | Cascais
Escritório Humberto Conde HRA Lisboa

Office HRA Lisboa

2019 | Lisboa
Arquitectos Sesimbra Superfície Comercial

Trade and services

2019 | Sessimbra
Sede Val Hala

Val Hala Real Estate

2018 | Portimão
Projecto de Arquitectura Pastelaria Sto. António | Arquitectura, Arquitecto Lisboa, Projecto arquitectura Lisboa, Arquitecto Lisboa, Arquitecto, Gabinete de Arquitetura Lisboa

Santo Antonio Pastry

2016 | Lisboa
Clínica Corporación Dermoestética

Corporación Dermoestética Clinic

2011 - 2012 | Lisbon
Escritórios P2S

Offices P2S

2007 - 2008 | Lisbon
Sucursal Deutsche Bank

Branch Deutsche Bank

2000 - 2004 | Cascais
Loja e Oficina Negociarte arquitectos

Negociarte Shop and Workshop

2002 - 2003 | Lisbon