Offices P2S

2007 – 2008 | Lisbon

The space chosen to become the Headquarters of the Engineering Office of P2S was an area with compartments that were not compatible with the dynamics of the company. Thus, the first intention was to make the broader space so the reading of the interior space became larger and to allow the distribution and organization of space in a less rigid way.

The main requirements were: a meeting room, an office for the company’s partners, sanitary facilities, a small kitchen for all staff and a multifunction room. Thus, space division required was placed in the boundary areas of the office in a way that follows the existing L shape, so that the space left free and the connection of all these spaces is a wide working room for all employees, where the visual communication and interaction between the team is privileged.

The general image of the space was to meet the need of cleaning and maximum visual functionalism, where support cabinets are designed and planned in all areas of work, the work desks move along a side lead and assume preponderant roles, and employees’ orientation in the space can switch as needed. All goes with the purpose so the communication between the team is always the main focus so a good job is done.


Santo António Pastry / Restaurant

2022 | Lisbon

Office TagEnergy

2022 | Lisbon
Aquitecto Val Hala Cascais

Val Hala Agency Cascais

2019 | Cascais
Escritório Humberto Conde HRA Lisboa

Office HRA Lisboa

2019 | Lisboa
Arquitectos Sesimbra Superfície Comercial

Trade and services

2019 | Sessimbra
Sede Val Hala

Val Hala Real Estate

2018 | Portimão
Projecto de Arquitectura Pastelaria Sto. António | Arquitectura, Arquitecto Lisboa, Projecto arquitectura Lisboa, Arquitecto Lisboa, Arquitecto, Gabinete de Arquitetura Lisboa

Santo Antonio Pastry

2016 | Lisboa
Clínica Corporación Dermoestética

Corporación Dermoestética Clinic

2011 - 2012 | Lisbon
Escritórios P2S

Offices P2S

2007 - 2008 | Lisbon
Sucursal Deutsche Bank

Branch Deutsche Bank

2000 - 2004 | Cascais
Loja e Oficina Negociarte arquitectos

Negociarte Shop and Workshop

2002 - 2003 | Lisbon