SRU Headquarters Lisbon

2005 – 2007 | Lisbon

The intervention, of total rehabilitation and refurbishment of the building, aims to maintain the entire remaining structure, strengthening and adapting the volume to the requirements of current safety and comfort by keeping the original features and favoring the maintenance of the building system and existing materials.

The functional program has the intention to ensure three offices for administration, area for technical direction, three meeting rooms and other technical conditions to its function. Faced with this scenario is two axes are sketched as a concept of the functional program, one horizontal and one vertical. The horizontal axis is materialized through a corridor that begins at the main entrance of the building and culminates in the backyard – patio. The vertical axis corresponds to the vertical access which is assumed as a “light box “, formalized through the coating of “cage/gaiola” structure with polycarbonate panels for the emanation of light to adjacent compartments. Thus, the program develops linearly as the corridor connects the main entrance to the garden. The meeting spaces are developed at west with direct connection to the garden. Reaching the 1st floor, we access to the administration area, where from a central hall are distributed to all offices and support spaces. The 2nd floor consists of an open space for technical and financial management department of the institution.


moradia atouguia baleia

House in Atouguia da Baleia

2020 | Peniche
Reabilitação Bloco B - Abegoaria

Abegoaria – Block B Rehabilitation

2020 | Mourão
Reabilitação Rua da Rosa Lisboa

Building Rua da Rosa

2019 | Lisboa
arquitectos moradia cascais

Family House in Estoril

2019 | Estoril
Arquitecto moradia alvalade

Family House in Alvalade

2018 | Lisboa
Moradia Lisboa rua correnteza 21

Family House in Lisbon

2012 - 2014 | Lisbon
gabinete arquitectura

Family House Vasco Gama

2013 - 2015 | Cascais
arquitectos Moradia Aniceto Rosário

Family House Aniceto Rosário

2012 - 2013 | Cascais
Edifício Rua Mercês Lisboa

Building Rua Mercês

2012 - 2013 | Lisbon
Edifício Venteira 39

Building Venteira 39

2008 - 2010 | Amadora
Sede SRU

SRU Headquarters Lisbon

2005 - 2007 | Lisbon
Residência Estudantes

Students Dormitory

2001 - 2004 | Santarém