Suspended glass Box

2017 | Parede

The Project aims to create a suspended glass box and perched on the immense blue of the Sea. The light steel and aluminum structure is raised from the Pavement in order to create various perspectives on the horizon. The Space inside the box allows to have two contiguous and complementary environments – Living Area and Dining Area. This “glass box” works as a “Viewpoint” and at the same time a space of Relax.


Residences and Comercial Building

2021 | Lisboa

Residences and Comercial Building

2021 | Sintra

Senior Residences

2020 | Amadora
arquitectos residencias senior

Senior Residences

2020 | Torres Vedras
arquitectos residência estudantes

Students Residence

2019 | Lisbon
Projecto de Arquitectura Caixa de Vidro Suspensa | Arquitecto, Projeto arquitectura Lisboa, Arquitectura, Arquitecto Lisboa, Gabinete de Arquitetura Lisboa

Suspended Glass Box

2017 | Parede
Arquitectos Sintra

Events Space

2016 | Sintra
Observatório de Aves

Bird Observatory

2013 | Guincho
Carcavelos XXI Piscinas

Pools and Rooms Activities Carcavelos XXI

2009 | Carcavelos